Introduction to Sparks

By Rohit Gupte, Arjun Raj

Link to Manscript


Good point! How about a flash alert that notifies the user that their question has been received and is pending the author's review? I'll put it in tomorrow.
The glyphicons that show up as left and right arrows are missing for some reason. Good point! I'll see that its fixed tomorrow!
See for yourself! :)
We would like to eventually have an option to embed a youtube video instead of uploading a pdf document. Please let me know if you think this is a good idea!
Yes. Currently the webpage needs to be reloaded every time the user interacts with the app (like when one posts a question/answers a question). This resets the carousel to the first slide. Eventually I can add some AJAX functionality to make it so that the question posts without having to reload the page. This way the slides will remain as they are.
And to answer your question, A LOT!
Its a great tool especially for beginners. Makes the front end much prettier without much effort on the coder's part. You need to be careful while implementing custom functionality though. For example I had trouble incorporating forms into the carousel that contains the slide images. I eventually ended up using raw javascript.