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What is a Slideboard?

Are you interested in alternative methods for sharing your science, but not sure how to do it? That’s why we made Slideboards: by combining slideshows with FAQs, we think Slideboards are a way convey your science with both efficiency and depth.

The premise of the Slideboard is that many times, papers just take too long to read. Papers serve, on some level, as the final, fully spelled out record of the work—sort of like the complete instructional manual. Which is important, but in the time-starved world of most scientists, reading the full manual may not be an option. Our goal is to make the “quick start” guide for a paper: instead of reading every detail, just give the reader a quick overview, but at the same time, provide an FAQ to answer, umm, frequently asked questions.

Best of all, we have tried to make it as easy to make Slideboards as possible using materials that most scientists already have on hand. What does everyone have? Usually at least a few slides and a PDF of the preprint/paper. So that’s all you need! Just upload your slides to make the slideshow and type in your captions, then answer questions using figures you can crop directly from the uploaded PDF. Give it a try!

Who are we?

Arjun Raj

Arjun is an Associate Professor of Bioengineering at University of Pennsylvania studying quantitative single cell biology. He has a long-standing interest in improving scientific communication and an equally long-standing interest in not reading papers.

Rohit Gupte

Rohit is a Research Technician in the Raj lab, and is responsible for the coding and design of the Slideboard website.